KidQuery tracks kids, hopes you're their parent

Following in the rich traditions of products created for parents to spy on and track their kids comes KidQuery, a service for keeping tabs on your little angel's online life. You simply register your child with them and they check MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, and all the other social-networking websites, giving you a full report of what kind of harlot your sweet daughter is making herself look like for all the world to see. The questionable thing about the service is that it's designed to help thwart predators yet seems to be the perfect tool for said predators to use to stalk people. I went to sign up and check it out using some friends' names, and all there was to stop me from claiming my 24-year-old roommate is my son was a small warning saying to put in names other than those of your spawn violates the terms of service. Well, duh. I know it would be just impossible to, you know, talk to your kids about their online activity in a reasonable and respectful manner, but do we really need a site that automatically spies on kids online under the guise of keeping them safe? Especially when the service could so easily be used for the exact opposite of what it claims to be for, it just seems like someone should have thought this one through a bit more. In any case, there's a free trial period happening right now, so you don't even need to enter a credit card to prove your identity. How convenient.

KidQuery, via Tech Ticker