Invisible Maze will make you visibly annoyed

If you thought hedge mazes were hard when you could actually see the walls in front of you, prepare to enter a world of curse-laden frustration if you dare try to make your way through the Invisible Maze. Located in a big, empty room, the Invisible Maze is explored by people wearing wireless headphones that vibrate whenever they come in contact with one of the "walls." Since the maze is virtual, it can be changed daily, with each of the layouts taken from cultural sources such as the hedge maze from The Shining or the level design from Pac-Man. As far as we can tell, trying to make your way through the Invisible Maze seems next to impossible and endlessly frustrating, but the one benefit of it is that if you get exasperated you can simply take the headset off and walk out of the room. No invisible walls can contain me! The Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen will present the Invisible Maze from June 10th through August 27th, so book those plane tickets now.

Invisible Maze, via We Make Money Not Art