iCarta: the iPod toilet-paper dispenser. Really.

Sometimes it seems like companies create products just as joke fodder for jaded, snarky bloggers. Exhibit A: this toilet-paper dispenser/iPod dock, the iCarta. Seriously, guys? Have consumers been clamoring for this, or do you just think there haven't been enough poop jokes in gadget blogs lately? Well I, for one, refuse to stoop to your level. Let's see here… if you fold the sides of the holder in, it could just act as a normal iPod dock for when you're in the shower. The speakers are moisture-free as well, so you won't have to worry about steaming them to death, although I'm not sure if the iPod itself would be too happy with that. And really, that's all I can really say about it while retaining any semblance of dignity. There doesn't seem to be any pricing info available for this, not that you would seriously consider buying it anyway.

iCarta, via Popgadget