HotSeat Racer brings arcade-style gaming home

Playing racing games is made exponentially better by sitting and using a steering wheel, which is why any arcade racing game worth mentioning comes packaged in a cockpit-like setup. At home, using a standard console controller just won't cut it. If you want a better racing experience at home and you don't feel like emptying your trust fund for the Force Dynamics 301, a HotSeat Racer GT could get you a lot closer to the action. A racing seat mounted on a steel frame, the HotSeat gives you surround sound, a subwoofer under your chair, mounted pedals, and a steering wheel. You can add an LCD mount for your screen or leave it off to use your normal TV, and you can choose between a model configured for flight simulators or one for racing games. Of course, there's no motion or tactile response, as it really is just a bucket seat on a frame, but it's more realistic than a recliner. Also, judging by the promotional photo above, James Earl Jones likes it, which seals the deal for us. The HotSeat starts at $500 for the bare-bones model and goes up to $900 for the fully tricked-out setup.