Doggie goggles keep canine eyes safe, fashionable

You know, UV rays aren't just damaging to you, they can harm poor Fido, too. If you really love your pooch, you'll make sure his eyes stay safe for all the years he's around to loyally fetch your newspaper and pee on your kitchen floor. Doggles — yes, Doggles — are goggles made for dogs. Available in all sorts of styles and in enough sizes to fit anything from a toy poodle to a bull mastiff, Doggles will keep your beloved pet's eyes safe from the elements and any stray rocks or dirt. The lenses are made of rugged polycarbonate, and they have an anti-fog coating. Plus they're a fashion statement that your dog will be proud of, unlike those stupid booties and doggie sweaters you see on poor, embarrassed pooches these days. If you need further convincing, or perhaps you just want to laugh a lot, go check out the gallery of dogs wearing sunglasses on their website. Doggles go for about $37 online.