DirecTV Titanium gives you everything, for a price

If you love TV, and I mean really love TV, then the DirecTV Titanium package was created with you in mind. It hooks you up with absolutely everything you could possibly get from DirecTV: every channel, every pay-per-view movie (adult films included, perv), every sports package, every HD channel, and up to 10 high-def DVR receivers to soak it all up with. Of course, you'll be paying a lot to catch every pro soccer game, Cinemax original movie, and Entourage episode: $7,500 per year, or about $625 a month. You'll need to watch TV for approximately 10 hours a day to make it remotely worth it, but you have to assume they wouldn't offer such a service if there weren't a few people willing to waste their hard-earned money on it. The service becomes available June 28th, so get your favorite recliner set up with a few gallons of Mountain Dew, and make sure to have someone roll you over every once in a while so you don't get bed sores.

DirecTV Titanium, via Engadget