DinoLite Microscope puts your close-up on TV

My favorite part of any family gathering is when, after dinner, Dad has polished off the last of the wine and someone busts out the DinoLite Digital Microscope. Once we start seeing close up video of Dad's scalp on the big-screen TV, you know it's been another successful Thanksgiving dinner at the Frucci house. The DinoLite is a small microscope camera with a light that attaches to a TV or computer, allowing you to get nice magnified video of whatever you please. The website seems to show a lot of people examining their scalps for whatever reason, but it could be used on less gross objects as well. I imagine this could find some practical uses in classroom and presentational settings in addition to awkward, drunken family gatherings. You can check your own scalp out by ordering the DinoLite direct from Japan for about $112.

DinoLite, via Akihabara News