Create Caddyshack moments with the R/C Golf Ball

Golf isn't a silly enough game, in my opinion. Where are the pranks, the hilarious pranks? Right here, inside this unassuming golf ball. Featuring some sort of propulsion system inside, the R/C Golf Ball can be remotely controlled to move its way off the tee and towards the hole without ever being hit by a club. That's a hole-in-none, for those keeping score at home — take that, Tiger. Presumably it wouldn't be a great idea to clock 300 yards with a driver, as it is a piece of electronics disguised as a golf ball, but it should be able to handle some putting. Make your next trip to Pirate's Cove Mini Golf a more fun time by cheating, or just freak out your golf buddies. The R/C Golf Ball is available online for $25.

R/C Golf Ball, via Oh Gizmo!