Cingular debuts smallest flip phone ever

If there's any lesson to be learned from gadgets in the past few years, it's that people love small and sexy. With that in mind, we're predicting the Pantech C300 cell phone, said to be the world's smallest clamshell model with a camera, will be a big hit now that Cingular's brought it to the U.S. It's only 2¾ inches tall and just over 1½ inches wide — not bad, although the ¾-inch thickness doesn't exactly make it RAZR thin. But it's nice Pantech fits a camera in there, too (VGA-resolution pics, though), plus all the usual Internet/ringtone/messaging/speakerphone stuff. If you don't need any frills like a multimedia player or Bluetooth, this little guy should do you fine. The official price from Cingluar is $120, although you can get one on Amazon for $90 with a (shudder) new service plan.

Cingular, via Shiny Shiny