Canary phone: Motorola's new RAZR?

There's a decent chance this is Motorola's upgrade to their ever-popular RAZR phone, codenamed "Canary." A beauty to look at, the Canary features a mirrored surface and wraparound speaker at the bottom of the phone. Inside you'll find a 2-megapixel digital camera and 17 MB of internal storage that can be upgraded up to 1 GB via an SD card slot. Motorola hasn't officially announced this phone yet, so obviously availability and price aren't known. However, that also means some of these specs could change before we actually get this little gem into our sweaty mitts. But with a phone like this, isn't it more about the look than the features inside? I know that I couldn't care less about the 3-D Java games it comes with and just want to have a phone that looks this beautiful. Quit holding out on us, Motorola!

Via Gizmodo