Arko MP3 player is thin, shiny — not much else

If you're of the style-over-substance mentality of gadgetry, this little Arko MP3 player might look pretty sweet to you. If you enjoy powerful features… well, is looking nice a feature? It's got a backlit color display, supports such eclectic formats as MP3 and WMA, and has "Grade A quality of stereo sound sharing," whatever that means. Curiously, nowhere do they mention how much, you know, music you can hold on it, but we're going to guess not all that much. But hey, you won't need that much music, cause this thing is so sexy-looking, people will keep talking to you and wanting to be your friend, cutting down your listening time significantly. See, those Arko folks knew what they were doing. Pricing and availability info hasn't been announced.

AVING, via TechEBlog