Waterproof keyboard lets you spill, keep working

I usually have two cups of liquid at my desk during the workday: a cup of water and a cup of hot chocolate (caffeine is for the weak). My desk also tends to be somewhat cluttered with papers and gadgets and the like, so the potential for an errant phone reach that knocks over a cup is pretty high. Fortunately, Lenovo has a waterproof keyboard in the works for any PC workstation where there's a chance of spillage. Seen here being put through its paces, the keyboard can take not just a little splash back but an entire cup of water poured into its delicate crevasses. Shelling out money for a klutzproof keyboard might be a bit embarrassing, but sheepishly ask your boss if you can have a new keyboard because you spazzed out and accidentally knocked over your Irish coffee is much worse. Trust me. The waterproof keyboard is for sale over in China, prices and availability stateside aren't currently available.

Levono Waterproof Keyboard, via Gizmodo