TuneBuds: earbud upgrade for your iPod nano

Stepping up from the factory-supplied earbuds should be the first accessory any newbie iPod owner should consider. There are plenty of upgrades on the market, including Apple's own in-ear buds, but Griffin Technology's new TuneBuds could be worth a look. Made especially for the iPod nano (a version for the shuffle is also available), the TuneBuds connect to your iPod's dock connector instead of the headphone jack. That pretty much limits their use to your iPod collection, although it also means it's working with the raw digital audio signal as opposed to the analog one from the minijack. Will that result in better sound? Doubtful, but try them out judge for yourself, since Griffin has a 30-day money-back guarantee. And if you're having problems with your iPod's minijack, this is the perfect option. The TuneBuds are also an in-ear design, providing great isolation from ambient noise, and since the cable doubles as a lanyard, it's much more durable than a regular headphone wire. Available in black or white for $35.