Toy car of the future runs on hydrogen fuel cell

Here's a taste of the future of vehicles: the H-racer toy car, said to be the smallest car on the planet to use a hydrogen fuel cell for power, which of course means no toxic emissions whatsoever. The green angle doesn't stop there, though: accompanying the racer is a fuelling station that makes hydrogen via electrolysis and runs on solar power, so all you have to do it fill it up with water now and then. (Doesn't all this environmentally friendly business make you want to douse the thing in few coats of lead-based paint? Just me, then?) Resembling one of those robot-driven cars in Minority Report, the H-racer definitely looks the part of a future car, and maybe it'll inspire a budding scientist somewhere to figure out how to make cheap hydrogen available on a massive scale, so the real thing will actually be feasible. You can order your H-racer from Al Gor… um, from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies.

H-Racer Toy Hydrogen Car, via Gizmodo