Teddy-bear gun makes weddings… bizarre

I can't say I've ever been to a wedding where small stuffed bears were shot into the air like confetti, but then again, I've never attended a wedding in Japan. Tossing a bear seems to be all the rage at Japanese wedding receptions these days, and I guess there are enough people who can't summon the energy to actually pick up and throw a small stuffed animal to warrant the creation of a gadget that does it for them. Seizing the "opportunity," Japanese paint company Sunamiya has built a party cracker designed to shoot a mini teddy bear into the air. Not only that, but — and I couldn't make this up — every bear is equipped with a tiny parachute to ensure a soft landing. I'd usually end with a quip here, but there's no way I could top the image of a bride and groom in the middle of a cloud of small pink Teddy bears with parachutes, slowly descending all around them like the climax to a computer game called Ursine Air Assault: Wedding Crash.