Tech Briefs: Nokia's sporty cell phone, more

Nokia has announced a new midrange cell phone, the 5500, aimed at sports fans and athletes. The mobile is able to calculate calories lost and distance jogged during workouts. The phone should hit European shelves during the third quarter of this year for about $380. … TiVo has partnered with online content provider Brightcove to deliver Internet video to customers' TV sets. All Series2 TiVo owners will be able to access the content through the Internet connection on their TiVo boxes, although DirecTV TiVo users will not. Current Brightcove partners include Farmer's Almanac TV and National Lampoon's TogaTV. … Wal-mart is driving an effort by advertisers to create a TV-advertisement auction similar to the way Google sells its Adwords. By pooling $50 million to develop an online marketplace, the advertisers would be able to bid on ad time based on share and demographics. Only about $1 million of the pooled money would go towards staffing the marketplace while the rest would go towards purchasing advertisements through the new system.