Tech Briefs: 802.11n negated, Blu-ray delay, more

The latest upgrade to Wi-Fi has hit a snag, with hardware makers and early-adopting consumers taking the hit. The IEEE 802.11n standard, a new and faster protocol for Wi-Fi wireless technology, had its initial draft voted down after manufacturers such as Belkin and Linksys had already begun selling routers and network cards using it. The draft will be revised before becoming the official standard, possibly rendering the current products, like this Linksys router, claiming to be 802.11n-compliant useless. … Sony has delayed the release of movies on Blu-ray disc until June 20th to coincide with the release of the first Blu-ray players. The first Blu-ray player will be the Samsung BD-P1000, which was supposed to come out May 23rd, the same date discs were originally going to come out, but it will be delayed for additional testing. HD DVD players and some movies were released last month, but there are only 16 titles available and the players are said to be difficult to find in stores. … The Nintendo DS Lite will debut June 11th at the price of $130, says Nintendo. The new handheld is a smaller, lighter version of the popular DS, and features a bigger stylus, brighter screens, and improved battery life. The new handheld will follow the May 15th release of New Super Mario Brothers, a souped-up version of the classic game.