See who's calling in your rear-view mirror

Riddle me this: Why would a rear-view mirror ever need Bluetooth wireless technology? Answer: To show the phone numbers of incoming calls from your cell phone, so you don't ever have to look down to answer your phone while behind the wheel. A built-in speaker will even speak the numbers to you if you get the call at a moment when you can't take your eyes off the road (if that's the case, I'd also suggest letting it go to voicemail). No need to take your hands off the wheel to take the call, either — the mirror's microphone hears your commands and lets you chat away without involving your fingers. As a bonus, there's a bumper sensor included to help with parking, detecting the distance between the your ride's rear and the nearest objects to the right, left, and back, relaying the data to the mirror. If you get too close to hitting something, an alarm will sound. It's all in a day's work for the ModooFree Plus BT mirror, $300 from Modoo Plaza.

ModooFree PLUS Rearview Mirror, via Oh Gizmo!

UPDATE: This original version of this article erroneously identified the ModooFree Plus ($150) as the company's Bluetooth mirror. The correct product is the ModooFree Plus BT ($300). The text and link have been corrected.