Scope watch shows where you intersect with time

The Earth in 2157 sounds like a grim place. According to Tokyoflash, the same company that brought us the Equalizer watch, the world will be taken over by "alien robots" by then, and the only way to avoid the roving patrols of KX-400 Combat-bots is to strap on one of Arkon Industries Scope watches, which will detect and show the position of the lethal droids on a grid. One shipment was transported back in time to the present day (or present-day companies actually somehow supply the resistance fighters of the future — the Web site isn't clear), and the watches were modified to tell time. Showing the hours on the x axis and minutes (in five-minute increments) on the y axis, the Scope's crosshairs lock on to your position in time. The four red lights on the top-right of the face show the exact minute — just add the number of lit LEDs to the y-axis minute count. At the touch of a button, the watch shows the month and date in the same way. Coming in black or silver for $131, the Scope produces a decent reading on our techno-bling meter, in spite of the lame backstory. We think all the blathering about robots is just an attempt to distract us from making a mouthwash reference.

Geek Chic: The Scope Watch, via Gizmodo