Remobeads feature space-age bead technology

With television arguably acting as our national religion, the remote control should really look the part of a religious object. That might have been what Russian designer Dima Komissarov had in mind when he designed the Remobeads, a string of electronic pearls that can change the channel. With each bead representing a different channel, you just run the string through your fingers, pressing the bead lightly to go to its channel, perhaps uttering a prayer for the cast members of Lost while you do so. Each bead can display either the channel number or a network's logo, and the whole thing is lit up for easy viewing in the dark. Seems like it would be nice to use, but considering today's program guides with 1,000+ channels, that would make for one long string of beads. And of course, like all of our friend Dima's designs, it's merely a concept and there are no plans to put the Remobeads into production. Have mercy.