Quadski goes from ATV to jet ski in 5 seconds

Gibbs Technology, makers of the amphibious car piloted across the English Channel by Richard Bronson, has created the Quadski, a four-wheeler that converts to a jet ski in less than 5 seconds. Able to travel at speeds up to 50 mph on both land and sea, the Quadski has wheels that fold up into its body at the flip of a switch, much like Optimus Prime transforming into an 18-wheeler. Purported to be a vehicle designed for rescue operations, the Quadski nonetheless looks like a hell of a lot of fun to drive around when not performing Baywatch-like duties. Unfortunately, Gibbs Technology is a design and research firm, not a manufacturer, so another company would need to license the design in order for it to go into production. Start writing those letters now, people.

50 mph Quadski converts from Jetski to ATV in five seconds, via Gizmag