Pioneer's Bluetooth car stereo streams your tunes

Here's a merger we can get behind: the Pioneer DEH-P810, a car stereo with Bluetooth capabilities. Allowing you to transfer music via your Bluetooth-enabled phone or MP3 player, the stereo gives you a whole new realm of expandability for your next road trip. If you pick up a hitchhiker with a phone filled with hobo campfire sing-alongs, for example, he can stream them right to your car speakers to make him feel more at home. Not only that, but the stereo can be used as a hands-free kit for your mobile, turning your dashboard into a giant speakerphone. It also does boring stuff like play CDs and tune into the radio. There's no pricing or availability info as of yet, but from the looks of the photo, it'll probably hit Japanese shores before ours.

DEH-P810, the Bluetooth car stereo by Pioneer, via Akihabara News