Oliso makes ironing safer, quicker, leggier

Not that we expect an iron with some high-tech perks to get us excited about pressing our shirts, but the Oliso may at least make us dread the chore a little less. It definitely has some features to make things more convenient — a pivoting cord, an automatic shutoff if it's ever left untouched for 8 minutes, and an "easy-fill" extra-large water tank — but its secret weapons are the retractable legs. The legs automatically extend whenever you let go of the iron while it's horizontal, thus ensuring you won't burn your trousers the next time you get that urgent phone call in the middle of perfecting your inseam. In fact, those hot legs also mean you never actually have to set the Oliso in the vertical position — something that will probably be hard to get used to, but well worth it if the site's claim of cutting ironing time down by one-third is to be believed. Ninety bucks gets you one on Amazon.