Off-road biking — with treads

I've always been a little mistrustful of vehicles with treads, I think because when I was a kid the treads on my G.I.Joe battle tank kept falling off, leaving the Joes at the mercy of the bad boys at Cobra on more than one occasion. So it's with some trepidation that I would get on one of these Baal all-terrain bikes, as I have to wonder what's to stop the rubber track from flying right off the gears/wheels when I make a hard right turn? That aside, the way-off-road Baal conveniently has steering controls for both hands and feet. The chassis is said to be "intelligent" and "ground adopting," apparently negating any need for complicated, sensor-based suspension systems. A helmet's still probably a good idea, though. The concept design was a finalist in this year's Michelin Challenge Design, a global contest of "design for automotive industries in the 21st Century," and was created by Tilmann Schlootz and Oliver Keller. Go Germans!

Road warrior, via the Red Ferret Journal