iLoad rips CD tunes right to your iPod

You love your iPod, but hate your computer — it's an all-too-common dysfunctional relationship, but your music listening shouldn't have to suffer just because your PC blows. The iLoad, a portable music ripper, cuts the PC out of the ripping process, making MP3s from CD tracks and transferring them directly to your iPod. A single disc takes about 8 minutes from start to finish, and the iLoad has a built-in database of song, album, and artist names to properly label your tunes (if you occasionally hook it up to the Net, it'll stay up to date). A headphone jack lets you preview music before you transfer, and the iLoad can charge up your player as well. Now that your iPod has full custody of your digital music, your PC's hard disk is free to store more important data, like all your CSI fan fiction.

iLoad - CD-to-iPod Music Transfer System, via Shiny Shiny