Icuiti glasses turn small video into big-screen fun

You can toss out that magnifying glass next time you want to watch some TV downloads on your iPod. Icuiti (pronounced eye CUE it tee) DV920 Video Eyewear turns your iPod's itty bitty 2.5-inch video screen into approximately 42 inches of virtual video bliss — wide enough to enjoy the latest episode of Lost without eyestrain. The wraparound specs probably don't work so well if you're wearing regular glasses (time to get contacts), and I'd have to sell a kidney to pay the $549 price tag. But the DV920 provides some bang for your buck: it works with a variety of media, including laptops, multimedia cell phones, and game consoles, plus headphones are built into the frames, "making possible a private, big-screen viewing experience anywhere, anytime." One warning, though: watching The Matrix on a pair of Icuiti glasses just might be a little too trippy to handle.