Hand-crank cell phone for developing countries

Following in the footsteps of the $100 laptop, designer Andre Miloni has come up with a simple cell phone aimed at developing nations where electricity might be scarce. The phone is quipped with a hand crank for recharging its AA batteries, with the going rate of 25 cranks for 1 minute of talk time. Despite its low-tech method of juicing up, the concept phone actually manages to look modern and sleek — who says living in the Third World means you have to give up some gadget cred? Miloni calls it the Motorola PVOT, although it looks like the mobile giant isn't involved, as his Web site describes the phone as an "independent project." And between you and me, I don't think he quite has the hang of those Moto nicknames. His site is loaded with nice pictures of the PVOT; you can check out a few after the jump.

Hand crank powered Motorola PVOT Phone, via New Launches