GM's fuel-cell car burns no gas, has tons of room

One of the coolest possibilities of using hydrogen fuel cells in cars, other than the fact that they don't need gasoline, is that the entire engine can be made into a flat rectangle, eliminating the bulky engine block that sits under the hoods of current gasoline-powered cars. This leaves room to design whatever type of space you want for the vehicle, as seen here in this fuel-cell concept car from GM. With no engine up front, the space is wide open, with a huge windshield and even a window where the front grille would be. Also, fuel cells have no emissions other than nice, environmentally friendly H20, so if you drive one you'll have a clear conscience about your driving — assuming you don't run down any hobos. Of course, fuel cells are still too expensive to mass produce, and this thing goes from 0 to 62 mph in about 16 seconds, so don't expect to be hitting the road or any people in one anytime soon.

Working Prototype: GM Hy-Wire Concept, via Gizmodo