Get puzzled with handheld Sudoku

There may be better ways to kill off a long weekend then nonstop Sudoku, but we're still going to order this handheld electronic version of the game from ThinkGeek before we think of one. Running on a pair of AA batteries, the $20 game features four difficulty levels and includes optional hints for you rookies out there. If you have to take that call from Mom while playing, it powers itself down to save power but will always auto-save your games. The memory has 835 New York Times-approved puzzles installed, which should be enough to keep even Sudoku Grand Masters busy for a while. But be careful — that much fresh Sudoku at hand could be harmful to a fragile psyche. As you fire up game after game, filling in grid after grid, you may have your faith shattered when you realize you've been entering the same numbers again and again into a machine for no good reason, sort of like Locke in the season finale of Lost. Dude, did you see that episode? I mean, did you see it?

Touchscreen Sudoku, via Tech Ticker