Geox kicks breathable shoes into the U.S.

There's a reason flip-flops are so popular in the summer, but wearing them isn't always cool… um, socially acceptable, so we're forced to put on shoes and confine our feet to sweaty prisons. Geox, an Italian shoe brand popular in Europe, has a solution: shoes with perforated soles, letting your feet breathe while you walk. A high-tech membrane on the inside makes sure any water from the outside doesn't get in, even while allowing sweat to trickle away. The company makes all kinds of footwear — from sneakers to moccasins — with the price of a pair averaging around $110, and is hoping to replicate its success across the pond with a big push here in North America. Geox may not be the best thing to wear during those long winter walks, and you can forget about ever taking them to a shoe-repair place, but for those garden parties where sandals won't cut it, they should keep your feet cool with some style. They are Italian, after all.