Diamond-encrusted earbuds sound expensive

If you're looking for the best way to say, "I love you" to your iPod-addicted wife or girlfriend, Italian company Mac@Work has the perfect gift: diamond-encrusted earphones. When picking out some iDiamonds (how original), you can choose between four different patterns for the jewels: hearts, stars, crested moons, or… um, squiggly arrows. Hey, whatever she's into, I guess. The pimped-out 'buds unfortunately appear to be pretty much the same cheapo earphones you get with any iPod, just with expensive gems stuck on them (prices range from $840 to $950). Still, she'll love them for taking her bling factor to a whole new level, not their sound quality. Being able to cut glass is a bonus.

iDiamond Earphones, via Cool Hunting