Cook-n-Dine brings grilling to the table

Cooking food at the dinner table is a lot of fun, but you usually only get to do it at Korean barbeques or Japanese steakhouses. Now that can all change by going out and buying a Cook-n-Dine, which does exactly what the name implies: a table with an electric grill built into the center, it allows you to cook your food without having to stand over a pesky stove. And don't worry about blood from that filet mignon running all over the place, as when you turn on the heat the cooking surface actually curves inward, forming a shallow bowl in the middle of the table to collect your various juices and drippings. You can either pick up a full table with the stove built in or just the cooking surface itself to be installed into a table or counter of your choice. The prices start at $1,600 and go up from there, so be prepared to pay dearly for the opportunity to cook something while sitting down.

Cook-n-Dine table/flameless grill, via Oh Gizmo!