WinePod turns your kitchen into a vineyard

There are plenty of home brewing kits around for beer fans, but winemaking is known to be a much more involved and difficult process. After all, if you don't live on a vast vineyard in California's Napa Valley or the Tuscan plains of Italy, you'd probably think you're out of luck, right? Well, it turns out all you need is about two grand and some patience. The WinePod is a metal tub that's your own personal winemaker, complete with software that's supposed to make the whole process easy, if not idiot-proof. The company will even send you grapes from actual vineyards, which is usually the most difficult ingredient to obtain. One batch from the WinePod is said to produce 60 to 72 bottles worth of homebrewed vino, which should be enough to provide you with enough wine for a couple of months of serious drinking or, alternatively, one Italian wedding. Don't worry about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms knocking on your door, as "federal law allows for up to 200 gallons of wine per adult per year," which by our calculation is enough to kill a horse, but the law is the law. The WinePod starts shipping in July, but you can get on the waiting list now via their Web site.

Provina WinePod your personal wine maker, via New Launches