Venzero MP3 player, the One that shares

The iPod makes music very personal. You rip your music, buy your barely copyable iTunes songs, and ensconce yourself into your own white-earbud domain. Sharing rarely enters into the equation, beyond lending your buddy the player for a few minutes to listen to the latest ditty from Weezer. Taking the opposite tack, Venzero's One MP3 player puts sharing front and center in its feature set, with a pair of full-size USB ports (as opposed to the randomly sized tiny ones on most portables) enabling easy transfers of music to other PCs — and other Ones, the company hopes. The player comes with 8 GB of storage, can play AVI video files, and has an RSS reader for any newsfeeds you subscribe to on your PC. You can become One with your music this June, though we have to hope the $289 price tag is a mistake. For that much, the company should really share a few more gigabytes.

Venzero announces Venzero One, via Engadget