Type anywhere with the laser keyboard

Carrying around a keyboard to use with your PDA can be annoying. The whole point of having a PDA is that it's small and easy to carry around, so why shouldn't the keyboard be the same? Now VKB is selling the futuristic Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard, a unit the size of a pack of gum that creates a virtual keyboard by spraying lasers on any flat surface. There are two lasers on board: one to display the keyboard, and one to sense which "keys" your fingers are hitting. It even makes typing sounds to make the experience more familiar, although it may take a lot more than sounds to make typing on a flat, unresponsive surface feel natural. CNET reviewed the keyboard and had some serious issues getting it to work with some devices, but once it was working, the gadget made for a passable, if somewhat awkward typing experience. The Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard is available now for you to take a chance on for $175.

A keyboard without the actual keyboard?, via Digital Lifestyle Magazine