TV anytime, anywhere, any wrist

Who says bigger is better? With everyone running out to buy 55-inch flat-panel high-definition TVs these days, sometimes one can forget about the intimate pleasure of a smaller screen that's closer to you. Take this wristwatch TV, for example. Sporting a 1.5-inch display and handy strap to keep it on your wrist, it's even more portable than your video-playing cell phone. Ever wanted to watch CSI while sitting out on your lawn? Your dreams have been realized. Since there's no way to cram a cable box or satellite dish into the watch, you'll only be able to pick up UHF and VHF signals, but you have to assume that someone, somewhere is working on a DVD player/hat combo to hook this thing up to. Portable TV and a little bit of your dignity will run you just $200. Did I mention it also tells the time?

Wristwatch Television, via SkyMall