The self-cooling beer can

A company called Tempra Technology has developed a special beer can with a twistable base that cools a beer can down to 30° Fahrenheit in a mere 3 minutes with the help of an evaporator, a vacuum, and a heat sink. They claim the entire system is nontoxic and won't affect the beer itself other than cooling it off. Although the cans are about the same physical size as 16-ounce cans, they actually hold only 10.5 ounces of beer. It's doubtful if these fridge cans would be able to do anything about "skunked" beer (beer shipped cold that's allowed to warm up), but if the beer is shipped warm they could provide a convenient way of cooling your brew down without needing to lug a cooler around. Undoubtedly, you'll have to pony up a much larger deposit for these cans than the regular aluminum ones, but that's the price you pay for living in an age your grandfather could only dream of — the age where a cold one provides its own refrigeration. Look for Miller to start using the cans sometime next year.