The ScarPar: ready to get extreme on your lawn

If you see the onset of spring as just another long wait until snowboarding season starts again, the ScarPar could be the answer to your prayers. Invented by Daniel Baldwin (no, not that Daniel Baldwin), the possibly way-too-extreme ScarPar handles just like a skate/snowboard but can traverse virtually any terrain thanks to its wide treads covered with "knobbies" (Dan, you've gotta come up with another name for those). The video on the site shows the 6-horsepower ScarPar conquering obstacles like logs and boulders, though going over such terrain at high speed poses obviously higher risks than zipping over snow (i.e. equally extreme padding is recommended). The site's FAQ section is pretty lean — off the top of my head, I can think of at least a dozen questions about the ScarPar that aren't addressed ("How does this thing work?" and "Where did you get that goofy name?" being the most prominent) — but one thing's for sure: you'll look way cooler on one of these than on a Segway.

Fuel the Need, via Styleant