Tech Briefs: NEC punk'd, Blu-ray hits 200 GB, more

A large counterfeit electronics group was recently busted in Asia for corporate identity theft on a grand scale. Members of the group posed as NEC employees and executives and convinced manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Japan to begin producing counterfeit electronics, even going so far as to print fake manuals and warranties. The ring had produced as many as 50 different products before being busted in a sting operation.… TDK has finished developing its 200-GB eight-layer Blu-ray discs. TDK was the first company to being selling Blu-ray blanks, and although there's no release date as of yet for the high-capacity discs, there aren't any drives to burn them with yet either. The discs are sure to be hugely expensive when they're first released, but such super-high-capacity discs will become the norm eventually.… Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a program that allows sharing of Internet access across multiple Wi-Fi hotspots. The technology could be used for neighbors in apartment buildings to get the most of their Internet connections, using every connection to it's fullest capacity while keeping them all secure. The program is already available from the project's Web site, and is free, although you must register to download.