Tech Briefs: Cheaper PS2s, AOL v. MySpace, more

Sony has dropped the price of the Playstation 2 to $130 from $150 — still more expensive than the $99 Gamecube but much cheaper than the $500 Xbox 360. This is the fourth price drop for the PS2, which originally sold for $300 in October 2000. The PS3 is due for the holidays this year; its price has yet to be announced.… AOL plans to launch a social-networking site that will compete "head on" with News Corp.'s behemoth MySpace. MySpace, with 67 million users, is the clear leader in a crowded field that also includes Friendster and The Facebook. Google has similar software, called Orkut, currently in Beta testing.… Verizon has begun allowing RAZR owners to transfer files between their phones and their computers using Bluetooth wireless technology or cables, a change in policy that users have wanted for some time. Previously, RAZR owners could only transfer files through Verizon's network, which required a fee. RAZR users can now download new firmware to their phone to activate the new abilities, and Verizon will reportedly issue updates for all other VCast-enabled phones in the coming weeks.