Tech Briefs: Get movies online, Blu-ray delay, more

To watch recent Hollywood blockbusters at home, you won't even have to go the video store to buy or rent the film. Instead, you'll be able to download them, now that Hollywood has started selling digital movies online to own. Beginning this week, films such as Brokeback Mountain and King Kong will be available on the Web sites Movielink and CinemaNow. The movies can't be burned onto a disc for viewing on a DVD player just yet, but this is seen as the first step toward full digital distribution of movies online.… The wait for Blu-ray will be a little longer as Samsung will delay the U.S. launch of its high-definition disc player (shown above) until June. The Korean electronics giant has rescheduled the launch of its BD-P1000 player — which should still be the first Blu-ray player in the U.S. — from May 23 to June 25.… New high-end PCs sold this year might not ship with Microsoft's new OS but will be tagged to show they're powerful enough to run Windows Vista when it comes out next year. A logo with the familiar Microsoft Windows icon will declare a computer "Vista Capable" to indicate that the machine can be upgraded to the upcoming operating system, due in early 2007.