Samsung Helix wraps XM radio with your MP3s

We've come a long way since the early days of satellite radio when all the products were for vehicles only. Now we've got boomboxes, home tuners, and plug-and-play devices — but it's the portable category that's about to get a big boost when Samsung officially debuts a pair of XM2go tuners later this month. Mobilewhack reports that April 25th is the launch date for the Samsung Helix (shown) and Nexus portables, both of which combine XM's 130 or so channels with your own personal music collection. You record chunks of XM broadcasts onto the onboard memory, bookmarking songs to keep while ditching the stuff you don't want. Then you can transfer MP3s from your PC and mix them into playlists with your saved XM tunes (you can't transfer those off the portable, though). The prototype Helix we saw at CES was surprisingly lightweight for having a built-in XM tuner (much lighter than the rapidly aging Delphi MyFi), though if that's still too bulky for your taste, you can opt for the little Nexus, which stays slim by leaving the tuner in its charging cradle — so when you're on the go you still have your saved tunes but can't listen live. The Helix will cost you $400, and the Nexus will set you back $200 or $250, depending on how much memory you get.

Samsung XM2go is a Go-Go, Officially, via Gizmodo