Samsung cam provides extreme hands-free action

So you're tearing down the slopes, shooting through the trees, blasting through fresh powder, and doing whatever else the kids do these days — but how can you show how extreme you are to the bunnies down in the lodge? Samsung's Generation 2 SC-X210L (the X stands for Xtreme, I assume) camcorder can provide the evidence. The SC-X210L is a camcorder created for extreme sports enthusiasts, but it would come in handy for anyone who wants their hands free while shooting video. It includes a head-mounted camera extension to hook onto your helmet (if you wear a helmet, poser), a hip pouch, and it's impact- and weather-resistant for when you take those gnarly spills. It also has a fold-out glare-resistant, 2-inch LCD screen so you can check out what you shot while riding up the lift. The SC-X210L will set you back about $600 and will be available later this year. So stop buying Mountain Dew and save your pennies — maybe you'll be able to afford one by next season.

Samsung Generation Two SC-X210L Sports Camcorder Review Part One, via FutureLooks