Never lose your call list with the Backup-Pal

If you've ever dropped your cell phone in a toilet, you know worst part about replacing it is getting all your friends to send you their phone numbers again. Now you can skip that embarrassing ordeal with the Backup-Pal. If you had the foresight to get one of these babies before your phone fell to its watery grave, you'd be able to simply plug it into your new phone and have it replace your lost data as if nothing had ever happened. Simply plug the Pal into your cell, and with the touch of a button it automatically backs up all your numbers and contacts. There have been other such gadgets before, such as the CellStik, but this one keeps thing simple by not having any PC software — all you do is back up your numbers, stick it in a drawer, and upload when you need to. Adapters are available for various phones, and they're interchangeable, too, meaning if you get a new model of phone you just need to get the right adapter to transfer your old numbers. The Backup-Pal with whichever adapter you need will run you $39 to $49 (additional adapters are extra), which is downright reasonable compared to how much that replacement phone is going to set you back.

CTIA 2006: Of Garbage and a Backup Gadget, via PC World