MP3 player for only $8.50… yes, $8.50

It's official: you can now buy an MP3 player for about the price of a Chicken Selects combo at McDonald's. Japanese company Evergreen has announced its new DN-2000 MP3 player, which fits nicely into your shirt pocket, runs on a single AAA battery, and will set you back a mere $8.50, not including the SD card (up to 1 GB). And what functionality will you get for less than a Hamilton? From the picture, it looks like you get volume controls, the ability to move forward and backwards between tracks, and whatever that middle button does — probably a trinity of play, pause, and stop. Those looking for things like a screen or any type of menu interface should look elsewhere, but if you keep your expectations appropriately low, you probably won't be too disappointed. With MP3 players running so cheap, the day when they start showing up at the bottom of Lucky Charms boxes can't be too far off.

Evergreen's $8.50 DN-2000 MP3 player, via Engadget