Maingear's Prysma: the pyramid PC scheme

Don't worry PC fans, Apple isn't the only computer manufacturer out there making aesthetically interesting machines. Maingear, a specialty PC builder, just announced the pyramid-shaped Prysma. Coming in a variety of colors (although if you want something other than black or silver it's a head-scratching $299 extra), this is certainly not your standard-issue grey desktop. Featuring new Intel Viiv technology, which is optimized for video and media applications, the Prysma is aimed at the budding Media Center PC market. The base model is pretty light on the hardware, with not much in the way of RAM or hard-disk space, but you can customize it however you'd like on their Web site and add all the goodies you've been pining for. The Prysma is available now, with the base model starting at $1,750 — more if you want to give it some horsepower.

Maingear's Prysma does Viiv Egyptian-style, via Engadget