Kaspel Media Center: sexy PC in your living room

A Media Center PC, when placed in your living room, can become the center of your home theater. Acting as a DVD player, digital video recorder (DVR), digital jukebox, and photo album, it can take on the tasks of many different components. The Kaspel Media Center does all of these things and looks good in the process. This disc-shaped computer comes loaded with the Windows Media Center operating system and is an honest-to-goodness PC, but one meant to be hooked up to your TV, not a monitor. Coming with a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as a remote control, the Kaspel is designed to be viewed from the couch, with large icons and easy-to-read text — though your HD recordings of Law & Order will still look super-sharp. It features Intel QuickResume technology, so you don't have to wait for it to boot up every time you use it; it turns right on, like a stereo component. Did we mention how cool it looks? The Kaspel Media Center is due to be released any time now, but no prices have been announced as of yet.

Kapsel Media Center PC for Home Theater, via Gizmodo