HANNspree unleashes big-screen TVs

Remember HANNspree, the company with the dorky name that makes small LCD TVs with themed frames, so your TV set can resemble things like a soccer ball, wood paneling, or Batman? Well, it's for real, and now it's going big. While the company used to focus on LCD panels with screens 30 inches or less, its new models are all 32 inches and above. Mercifully, the company kept the goofy themes to a minimum for these big-screen LCDs, though each model has its own unique styling, some of which look pretty cool. The names are a bit lame, with handles like HANNSskate, HANNStelly, and HANNSwing, although the specs are anything but, with 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution on all models 42 inches and larger. The prices aren't too bad either, starting at $1,300 for a 32-inch model, $3,200 for a 42-inch set, and $4,200 for the biggie size 50-incher. What, you were expecting they'd be HANNSfree?