Eniac hard drive: the terabyte cometh

A terabyte is a lot of data, and I mean a lot. Equaling 1,000 gigabytes, it's far more space than the average PC's storage. However, as we stack up more and more high-quality media on our hard drives, that kind of space is going to become a necessity (one high-definition movie takes up over 20 GB, for example). So you'd better start getting used to hearing about products like the Eniac, a bright yellow storage unit that holds up to 2 TBs of data. The box holds a series of connected hard drives known as a Raid array, backed up by what the manufacturer calls "FailSafe Storage," a procedure that monitors the drives to prevent data loss. It's networkable, so you could conceivably keep it tucked away somewhere, storing all of your music, movies, and photos, jacking it into all of your PC and entertainment gear so you can access it from anywhere. The drives come in 1-TB, 1.6-TB and a 2-TB models, costing $999, $1999, $2749, respectively.

A Terabyte of Storage in a Bright Yellow Box, via Gizmodo