Charge-n-Start: jump your car from the driver's seat

The whole process of jumping a car's dead battery is a pain: finding the cables, popping the hood, finding someone willing to do the same. Not to mention the chance that you'll be groggy and distracted and might accidentally electrocute yourself, which would really make a bad day that much worse. Luckily, you can get the Charge-n-Start and make such a situation much more bearable. This little gadget plugs into your dashboard's lighter socket and connects to someone else's via an 8-foot cable. You can then jump your battery without either of you getting out of your car, let alone opening the hood. The Charge-n-Start will run you $29, which you'll probably consider well worth it next time you leave the lights on and need to convince someone to give you a jump.

The easy way to jump start a car, via PopGadget